New CyanogenOS Update !!! say hello :)
Our Lollipop (‘L’) update begins to roll out to all OnePlus One device owners today. Enjoy sweet additions and improvements in our latest software release, above and beyond the goodness in Android Lollipop. YU Yureka device owners will be treated to the Lollipop update coming very soon.
The material design language implemented for Lollipop now makes its way across our Cyanogen operating system. Taking on the material design elements of visual, motion and interaction design, Cyanogen OS has never looked better.
Our latest ‘L’ release gives you extra theming features, down to the granular ability to theme individual apps using the new feature called App Themer. You also have more choice in themes - both free and now paid themes. We’ve now made it even easier for you to turn your operating system into your own personal canvas.
We’re also excited to debut the new Cyanogen email, powered by Boxer. The premium version of Boxer comes free to all Cyanogen OS users. This new email experience provides sweet benefits that were previously missing from the built-in mail app. Enjoy Exchange support, multiple account integration, and canned responses for quick replies. Boxer has added great customization bells and whistles - select a different LED color for email notifications, and choose what happens when you swipe left or right on a message. We think you’ll enjoy the level of customization and choice you have with the new Cyanogen email.
The ‘L’ update has been a labor of love for many of us here, with major contributions from the CyanogenMod open source community. Go ahead and treat yourself to Cyanogen OS 12.
boxer mail i entegre etmişler yenilik olarak, bu uygulama ilk çıktığında tahmin etmiştim... cyanogen ürün yelpazesini genişletmeye çalışıyor... başka cihazlara resmi destek veriyor, oneplusone için son resmi desteği bu sürüm üstünden yapabilir...

diğer bir yenilik ise uygulama temaları
bu işlevle check box kutucukları , radio butonlar renk ve boyut değişimleri gibi görsellik üzerine...

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